Industar team will provide you with professional advice on selecting the right product and will give you consultation on installation of selected equipment and its usage. We provide warranty service as well as repair.

    - Repair of tools.                                                                                                                    
    - Diagnostic of welding machines damages and its repair.
    - Welding machines preventive diagnostic and repair.
    - Measurement of insulation resistance of welding equipment.
    - In case of unauthorized deviations of the welding equipment, we perform the restoration of the industrial parameters of the welding equipment.

The manufacturer's warranty obligations apply only in the event of failure to comply with the product's operating conditions as stated on the warranty voucher and in the product's instruction manual. When delivering the goods to the service center, you must submit all the documents accompanying the manufacturer's product and the purchase document (the bill of lading if one was issued), which at the same time is the product warranty voucher.
The product must be delivered in its complete package for start-up and inspection (the product and its power supply must be supplied).

NB! Pay attention to following conditions:

  • All expenses related to transportation of the goods to and from the Service shall be paid by the Buyer;
  • For repaired goods, the warranty terms apply for the remainder of the warranty period;
  • Replaced goods are subject to a new warranty, similar to the purchase of a new appliance.


If you have any questions regarding warranty and after-sales service, please contact us. Phone: +371 28 323 282

E-mail: [email protected]


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