About Industar

Industar is a new and dynamic industrial retail company, with target to ensure complete sales process to its Clients. We have selected high quality assortment from best suppliers in Industry. We offer only those products that have have been approved by our team as high quality with sustainable technology and best value-price performance!

Industar offers most demanded products for metalworking professionals and industrial companies - wide assortment of tools and machinery equipment for everyone. Our team will give you professional advice on selection, set-up and usage of most appropriate products for your need. To our Clients we ensure warranty service as well as additional maintenance services if necessary.

Industar has developed convenient e-shop as ordering platform where everyone can see product catalogue and make order of products. If there is need for advice, our team will give you consultancy.

Please, contact us on:

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile phone: +371 28 3232 82

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